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Hey there, I'm David Wheeler, and I wear quite a few hats in life! By day, I'm an experienced marketer and brand developer, weaving stories that breathe life into brands. On weekends, you can catch me spinning tracks as a DJ, blending beats to create unforgettable experiences. By Night, I'm managing a movie theater, curating magical moments on the big screen for audiences. And to add a bit of academia to the mix, I'm a student at UGA, constantly learning and evolving.

On the corporate side, I excel in dynamic integration, leveraging my expertise in design, web development, and social media strategies to elevate brands and drive growth. My approach is rooted in meticulous market research, ensuring a deep understanding of the market landscape to enhance brand positioning effectively. I specialize in crafting visually appealing designs, optimizing user experiences online, and devising innovative social media campaigns that resonate with target audiences. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends, I bring a fresh perspective to every project, delivering solutions that stand out in today's competitive landscape.

My journey has taught me the art of merging design, web development, and social media seamlessly, crafting experiences that resonate deeply. I believe in collaboration, in finding synergy with like-minded folks to create something truly special. Let's connect and explore how we can bring your brand vision to vibrant life!

Happy To Be Here

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Left to Right: Will Theiler, David Wheeler, Blake Callaway, Fisher Medders

We are Happy to be here and we are Happy To Be Here. The band is made up of four friends covering rock, blues, country, alternative music, and a great ensemble of our own original songs. I, David Wheeler, play bass guitar and cover lead vocals. Fisher Medders plays rhythm guitar and backup vocals. Blake Callaway is our drummer. And Will Thieler is Lead Guitarist.

The band was formed in summer of 2022 among 3 friends working together Role Playing at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. Blake, Fisher, and Myself would get handcuffed and hit with batons all day then jam all night. We had a few gigs under our belt and realized we needed a lead guitar to fill in the sound. We all went to the same highschool back in the day and we all knew of other musicians at school but none of us were friends until after we'd all graduated. We reached out to Will Thieler and a few other guitarists in town and as soon as Will played with us it was a perfect fit.

Below you can check out our latest track and some youtube videos of us playing. Feel free to Reach Out for booking inquiries.

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